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Solid Waste Treatment

Ecologically Sustainable Resource Utilization Process of

        Nowadays landfill and incineration are still two major approaches to handle Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in China. Rising costs of land and secondary pollution generation, the business opportunity for MSW landfill treatment is getting reduced. In the meanwhile, And in-homogeneity of MSW properties, additional fuels on need, secondary pollution resulted in public outcry issues are also restraint on incineration for waste treatment.

        MYT technology based on technology importation and re-development by WELLE comprise of mechanical pretreatment, percolation, anaerobic digestion, biological drying and post-separation to divide the domestic waste into the recyclable substance, organic slurry, high caloric value materials and inert matter. The resource materials such as plastics, metal, biogas and high caloric value materials is recycled result in non-hazard, reduction and resource utilization of MSW and environment friendly and economic and social benefits.

        WELLE’s project team involving in MSW treatment and resource utilization consists of domestic and foreign experts, R&D personnel and the groups of design, construction and commissioning, is actively devoted to delivery of the overall service ranging from technical consultation and project engineering and construction for the clients.

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