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Flue Gas Treatment

  • ELEX Wet ESP (Electrostatic Preciptator)

    ELEX Wet ESP (Electrostatic Preciptator)

    ELEX’s wet ESP is highly efficient gas clean equipment. The efficiency of precipitator is above 90% to capture micron (1.0~5.0μm)and sub-micron grade (<1.0μm)dust particles. Wet ESP therefore is one of the most efficient equipment for PM2.5 pollution...

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  • ELEX SCR Catalytic Gas Cleaning

    ELEX SCR Catalytic Gas Cleaning

    Since1988, ELEX has been supplying equipment and installation for the catalytic cleaning of gases. The process reduces toxic elements such as NOx, dioxin and furan and hydrocarbon and ammonia in order to comply with the toughest requirements worldwid...

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  • ELEX Electrostatic Precipitator

    ELEX Electrostatic Precipitator

    ELEX electrostatic precipitators are capable of reducing dust content of more than 1,000g/m3 to any required residual dust content. More than 7,000 units installed worldwide since 1934 are proof of their efficiency and durability. ...

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