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HEEE Contributes to the Success of AD-15
Dates:2017/10/27 Hit:1969

  The 15th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion (AD 15) is held during October 17-20, 2017 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Co-organized by Harbin Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Research Center for Eco-Environment Sciences, CAS, the conference is attended by nearly 1100 experts and scholars from 75 countries, who discuss state-of-art anaerobic bio-processes and the sustainable development of this industry. Hangzhou Energy & Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd (HEEE), subsidiary of JSWELLE and sponsor of the event, attend the conference under invitation.

  Under the theme “Towards A More Sustainable World”, AD 15 holds discussions on ten topics, namely, Anaerobic-Centric Technology for Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Innovative/Emerging Anaerobic Technologies, Anaerobic Technology for Resource Recovery, Anaerobic Technology for Agricultural Waste Treatment, High Solid AD, Low Cost Anaerobic Technology, Pre-treatment and post-treatment of Anaerobic Technology, Basic/Frontier Domains, Anaerobic Modeling, and Policy traction.

  Ms Zhou Liye, chairman of HEEE, gave a speech on Model of Agricultural Organic Waste to Resources Center. Ms Zhou introduces this model as one based on large scale anaerobic biogas projects and can realize collected transport, centralized treatment, and utilization as resources to the urban distributed organic waste. The treatment center processes a wide range of materials, including feces, crop stalks, and agricultural products processing wastes. Products of the center can be used for multiple choices throughout the industrial chain, thus integrating the cultivation of crops and livestock and bringing maximal economical benefits while ensuring ecological soundness.

  Mr. Li Qian, executive vice president of HEEE, introduced the Jiangsu Dafeng Excrement Treatment Center, which has a biogas production capacity of 12,000 m3. Based on this project, Mr. Li introduced the model of biogas projects under third party investment and operation as well as its advantages.

  In addition, three theses contributed by staff of HEEE, namely, Application of Gravitational Settling-selective Heating in Swine Slurry Biogas Engineering, Case Study on Technology and Strategy of Biogas Project in Cold Regions, and Case Study of Hangzhou Tianziling Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Project, are selected as wall newspaper for exhibition during the conference. 

  The conference also arranges a visit for delegates to two projects in Beijing that use anaerobic digestion technologies, that is, the DQY Agricultural and Ecological Park and Xiaohongmen Wastewater Treatment Plant. The DQY Biogas to Energy Project, with a capacity of 2MW, was contracted by HEEE in 2007. It is one of the large scale biogas to energy demonstration programs under the Ministry of Agriculture, and large scale biogas to energy technology demonstration projects under the United Nations Development Program and Global Environment Facility.

  In conclusion, AD 15 serves as important platform for promoting the development of the emerging anaerobic digestion industry. In addition, it provides opportunities for HEEE to introduce to the world the Chinese methods and strength in biogas technologies. 

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