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WELLE’s Subsidiary Advances the Biogas Belt and Road Program
Dates:2017/5/29 Hit:2294
 Coinciding with the conclusion of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing, Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd (HEEE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu WELLE Environmental Co., Ltd, successfully exports its 22500m3/d biogas equipment set to Thailand as the seventh program of its Biogas Belt and Road Program. With a bigger Circle of Friends, HEEE presents its gift to the Belt and Road Forum.

 This program uses the efficient process and equipment set of biogas production from cassava-treated waste independently developed by HEEE. It is designed to process 300 tons of cassava-treated waste a day, produce 22,500 cubic meters of biogas a day through anaerobic fermentation, 45,000 kWh of electricity a day, and reduce greenhouse emissions of 90,000 tons of CO2 equivalents annually.
 The exported equipment includes key equipment such as material pretreatment equipment, anaerobic fermentation tank and agitator, biogas desulfurization purification storage system, and torch, all developed independently by HEEE. Featuring an assembling, module and intelligence design and high integration, the unit equipment are easy for installation and operation.
 Despite of the tight schedule, HEEE has striven to finish all equipment manufacturing and export on schedule under the collective efforts of various divisions, including designing, procurement and production departments, and the guidance given by the leadership and program managers. The quality is also strictly monitored to ensure that no defect is neglected.
 China is entering a new economic era with the opening of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. With advanced technologies, reliable equipment and excellent services, HEEE follows the economic strategy of belt and road initiative and the opening up policy, acts in a spirit of craftsmanship, strives to make every overseas program outstanding, and presents to the world the images of intelligent manufacturing in China.

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