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Business Overview

      Sustainability is always our objective and basic strategy of WELLE. With our integrated services of planning, design, construction, operation management and maintenance, we work with clients to find the most appropriate and sustainable solutions and help them create the smartest value in term of conservation and utilization of natural resources, pollution control and recycling use of resources. 

      Our sales and service network all over the country guarantees that there is always an experienced WELLE professional on hand for support at anytime and anywhere.

      We are dedicated to developing sustainable technology solutions and life cycle services for our customers in four business areas:

  • Solid Waste Treatment

       Taking hold in three targets of non-hazard, reduction and resource utilization of solid waste treatment, learning and referring foreign technologies, WELLE has studied complete process of municipal waste, food waste, kitchen waste and recycling utilization of wastes by combining with study of characteristics of Chinese wastes, and has been devoted to research and innovation on technology and equipment that have been widely used for engineering applications to really achieve the result of recycling of wastes and excellent economic and social benefits.
  • Wastewater Treatment

       WELLE has been dedicated to landfill and incineration leachate treatment, industrial waste water treatment and water reclamation for more than a decade, possessed several process technologies for different operating conditions and possessed some self-developed core equipments and products under protection of Intellectual Proprietary. With vast project-based experience, WELLE makes continuous development and innovation of process, technology and product and executes our philosophy of sustainable development into each solution delivered to our clients to truly achieve the result of waste water purification, recycling and pollution reduction.
  • Flue Gas Treatment

       Jiangsu WELLE Environmental Co., Ltd. imported the electrostatic precipitation technology and SCR Denitration Technology (DeNOx) from the leading multinational firm specialized in industrial flue gas cleaning – Swiss ELEX AG to commit themselves to air pollution prevention in industrial field such as waste incinerator, coal burning boiler, cement kiln and glass kiln, etc.
  • Soil Remediation

       A complete soil remediation project begins from start-up to land inspection & acceptance for delivery including environmental impact assessment (EIA), risk assessment, planning establishment, feasibility study, process selection, project design, engineering construction, final acceptance of project and post-assessment, etc. As a specialized environmental engineering firm, WELLE enable to deliver the one-stop and overall remediation solution to the clients with our advanced remediation technology and professional construction team.