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R&D and Innovation

   WELLE’s sustainability is based on a strong portfolio of leading technologies, robust expertise, vast project-based experience and innovative personnel. To stay at the forefront of the industry, WELLE continuously develops its proprietary technologies and complements its in-house R&D with acquisitions and partnerships to build up its high efficient R&D mechanism. In addition, taking technical support from domestic and foreign famous universities, scientific research institutes, international associations and organizations and foreign partners, WELLE has undertaken the combination of foundational development, application development and technical support and making effective use of various resources to improve the original innovativeness, integrated innovation ability and re-innovation ability through importation and assimilation which will lead to increase of WELLE’s technical competence and transformation capability.

   The waste is becoming one of the largest global sources of renewable energy. Rising costs of energy and stringent legislation have led users to seek out energy efficient technologies. WELLE’s technology to treat Municipal Solid Waste makes maximum utilization of resources in the waste, which is the renewable resource value chain WELLE is taking a lead and creating for. In addition, the advantageous elements of environment sustainability and resource utilization using WELLE’s unique technology is a goal of steadily mounting importance on the development of solid waste industry.

   There are four high quality innovative teams engaging in water treatment, solid waste treatment, soil remediation and transformation of scientific research & high-end equipment industrialization in the R&D center. In order to strengthen innovation competence, the company continuously invests in the R&D and upgrade the R&D facilities. In October 2013, the building of WELLE’s R&D center was preliminarily completed. WELLE’s 2,000 m2 test and analysis facilities including 2 instrumental analysis labs, 2 comprehensive analysis labs, 1 biochemical analysis lab, 1 chemical analysis lab and 1 conventional analysis lab; in addition to that, 2,000 m2 indoor pilot-scaled research base for technological innovation based on importation of various technologies from Germany, South Korea Japan, etc. accommodate for the fields of waste leachate, coking wastewater, food waste, municipal solid waste and soil remediation, have made it possible to strongly support engineering applications and some of WELLE technologies are today best available techniques and industry standards.

   In line with WELLE’s strategic development, the R&D center actively strives to become a booster to the rapid growth of WELLE and enhance WELLE’s core competitiveness on the strength of standardized innovative development management system with integration of foundational development, application development and technical support.