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Business Mode

Project contracting
With first-class technology, equipment, and an experienced engineering and construction team, WELLE provides customers with engineering and project operation services, as well as commissioning in such areas as landfill leachate treatment, treatment of high concentration organic wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment, and organic solid waste treatment.

Technical Equipment Manufacturing
Our R&D team carry out research and experimental application studies in organic solid waste treatment and leachate treatment technology, providing high-quality equipment for our projects. Our area of expertise includes the development and manufacturing of such equipment in comprehensive garbage treatment, anaerobic digestion equipment, leachate treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.

General contracting
WELLE conducts general contracting for projects including food waste, kitchen waste, and municipal waste comprehensive treatment projects, various types of leachate treatment projects, and high concentration industrial organic wastewater treatment projects, providing overall services ranging from engineering, construction installation and commissioning to operation services.

Operation service 
Our professional operation team provides operation services in leachate treatment projects and organic solid waste treatment projects.

Relying on our financial strength, reliable technology, and a professional operation and management team, WELLE carries out public-private cooperation projects in organic solid waste treatment, leachate treatment and other fields.

Investment & Acquisition
The company promotes self-development through investment and acquisition, using efficient management resources and the strength of merging well to open up new markets related to the main business and to enhance our competitiveness.